How to disable netsupport manager option

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I want to know how to disable/hide net support manager option? I know how to set up but i don't know how disable or hide the option. As i have noticed every time i use my computer, someone open the files which i know that they opened it.  So whenever someone wants to try to disable the net support they can't find the option

. And also the Deep freeze option i want to hide/disable the icon to be invisible to the users.

Maybe you guys have an idea, feel free to post your answers and concerns your help will considered big bonus for me.

Thank You

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How to disable netsupport manager option


Hello Robert,

I have gone through your question recently and I have a quick solution that I want to share with you.

The easiest solution is to download software named Exterminate It to disable net support

Follow the procedures:

1. Check your computer is involved it or not by go through this link and download the software

2. To know which files are associated with net support, run a scan

3. After a while, results will be shown and you will find a list. Delete all those files.

Hope this will work.

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How to disable netsupport manager option


Hello Robert,

It seems the net support has been answered so I will give you solution for your Deep Freeze so this how you hide it you may need a pen and a paper for an instant, Deep Freeze system icon will appear in the setting standard. To access the menu you must press this Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F6 and the Deep Freeze menu will show.

So for hiding the DF icon which you are asking please follow this simple steps.

1. Deep Freeze is in Thawed Position

2. Rename Faronics folder in to its directory C:Program files

Its up to you if what name you want ex. Freezey

3. Restart your computer to see the changes.

Now in case you want to show your DF icon back this will your going to do.

1. Start > Run > type (include the quotes) : "C:Program filesFreezeyDeep FreezeInstall C-0_$DfFrztate2k.exe" 1106917 press enter (remember i used Freezey because i used the name as my example now it still depends on what name your going to use to change your folder when your going to hide it )

2. To permanently show Deep Freeze icon rename Freezey Folder to default ( Faronics) in position DF thawed

Hope i did help you out with the Deep Freeze


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