How to detect unhide process spyware?

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I am a creative writer and I have to take a lot of web researching .Recently I have known about unhide process spyware which can break my pc. So, now I am very worried about it .How can I find out and detect unhide process spyware? thanks

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How to detect unhide process spyware?



Here is what you can do to detect hidden spyware:

·         To know whether the spyware is logging and recording activities of your computer, use Process Monitor for checking the logs and Process Explorer to trace the thread responsible for those logs. Some spyware have the ability to get all your computer activity information and this information can be used for infiltration.

·         To check any malicious files hidden, type “attrib /s |findstr SHR” on the command prompt and push enter. This will show you all the hidden files inside your pc. Be sure not to delete anything that is important because it might cause your system not to function properly. After seeing the result and found something suspicious, do a quick research about the file. If it is a kind of spyware, type “attrib –r –s –h “ then the name of the suspicious file. This will unhide the file and you can now delete it through the regular process.

·         Another helpful tip would be to install a good anti-spyware on your system. First, login on safe mode. Install the anti-spyware such as SPYBOT or AD-AWARE SE. Run a complete scan of your computer. Wait for it to finish because this might take sometime.

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How to detect unhide process spyware?


Hi !

I have analyzed your important question.

To detect the spyware you should follow the procedures:

Press CTRL ,ALT and DELETE keys simultaneously.

Click on ‘Process’ tab.

Check the processes very carefully.

If you get program file (.exe) then you should check whereby it is running or not.

The program files can be infiltrated easily by spyware.

If a process is seemed to be odd then you should delete it immediately.




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