How to delete cookies from the firefox

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Hi i am facing problem to remove the cookies from the Mozilla Firefox.

Please help me how to do it.

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How to delete cookies from the firefox



  • Click on the tools tab on the Firefox.
  • Then a dialog box will be appear.
  • Click on the Privacy tab and then delete the cookies.


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How to delete cookies from the firefox


Solution 1

How to delete cookies for a single site

If you want to do this follow these steps:

  1. The first Firefox window at the top, click on "Firefox" button (in Windows XP, on the Tools menu) and then click Options.
  2. Then select the Privacy panel from options tab
  3. Now you see under history “Firefox will” here you set “Use custom settings for history”

4. Now, click on show cookies…. button, then the Cookies window can be displayed.

5. Search for: field, enter the website, the cookies you want to rename. Cookies will appear that match your search.

6. Choose a cookie(s) to remove and click Remove Cookie.

Select the first cookie and press SHIFT + END Select the list of all cookies.

7. Click to close the Cookies window.

Solution 2

If you want to delete all cookies

For deleting all cookies please follow these steps:

  1. The top of the Firefox window, click on "Firefox" button, go to the fault history menu (if you are windows XP user then click on Tools menu) and select Clear Recent History.
  2. Now, choose a option from “Time range to clear” if you want to delete everything then select everything.
  3. Click the arrow to the details of history to extend the list of history items.
  4. Select the Cookies and make sure that there are other things you want to keep selected.

5. Now, click on Clear Now button for finish your work and close Clear Recent History.

Solution 3

If you want to delete you private data automatically when you exit your Firefox, then follow these steps.

Automatic protection of Mozilla Firefox can be set aside their personal data every time you close. If you are sure that your browsing history, saved passwords, or other container of any value to you, it can be very useful. (You can choose what data is automatically erased, too.)

  • Go to the tools menu or select Options
  • From Options dialog box, click on Privacy tab.
  • Checked on Always clear my private data when I close Firefox
  • Now, click on settings.
  •  Then, choose which data you want to be erase.
  • Click on OK.
  • Then, exit the configuration dialog box.

Thank You.

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How to delete cookies from the firefox


Hello SUNNY123,

If you want to know practically how you will delete cookies from Firefox, my recommendation watch this Techyv video tutorial and get idea.

Remove Cookies From Firefox

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