How to delete Ad options in Google Chrome?

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There are a lot of pop-ups in the form of advertisements with every website I open in Chrome browser. It gets very much frustrating when you are doing some important work. Please guide me on how to delete Ad options in Google Chrome?

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How to delete Ad options in Google Chrome?


There are many extensions in the Chrome browser that lets us to block Ads. But, by far the most popular are AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. Read on to know how they work:

1. Using AdBlock-

 Go to the link ‘ piobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom/related?hl=en’ using Chrome as the Web browser.

 Click on Free to install the program.

 You will notice a new icon on the side of the Google Address bar. Click on it to open the Controls.

 Now, whenever an Ad pops-up, right-click on it, select AdBlock > Block this Ad.

 Click on ‘Looks Good’ to permanently delete the Ad.

 You can also add more filters on the ‘Options’ menu.

2. Using AdBlock Plus-

 Open the Chrome browser and click on ‘+Free’ on the Window of the following link to install the application. The link is this.

 In the new Windows that appears, scroll down to see all the options, and then set your preferences.

 Click on the AdBlock Plus symbol on the side of the Address bar at top.

 Select your choices under the Ad Blocking Filter Lists

.  You can also block the individual advertisements by doing right-click on the Ad, and then selecting ‘Block Element’.

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