How to deal with BIOS failure?

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I use Microsoft windows XP on with Dell laptop. Now from couple of last days I have got myself stuck in an issue eventually. More briefly I would like to tell you that it was just out of my curiosity that I myself went to the manufacturer website of my laptop and then downloaded (its) BIOS update setup and after that I tried to update it. Just on the way, however the laptop got stacked for so much long time that’s why I tried to shut it down by pressing and also hold the power button but I wasn’t able to do so.  Now my laptop’s screen even cannot be connected or it doesn’t start anymore.

I am worried and I don't know what to do to fix it. Do you have any idea?  How can I restore my bios in DellLaptop? I'ill be very thankful for your some help.

Kindly accept  my thanks in advance.


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How to deal with BIOS failure?



The BIOS is a very important feature of the operating system, it actually controls the functions of the operating so you should watch out against tampering with it for it might lead to a permanent failure of your system.

There is a lot of information on the DELL homepage that will help you overcome this problem, which may include things like resetting the CMOS settings, adjusting the jumpers and so forth. Just visit the DELL website below and follow keenly the procedures given and see if the may be of help to you. 

Download Link

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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How to deal with BIOS failure?


I think so that you have make your BIOS disabled and that is not working in this case so you need to check that you have not burned your BIOS you can now plug out your BIOS from your computer and take it to some expert that will reload the BIOS and your computer will work fine. You need to install the new BIOS through a proper way or by using proper instruments. It can only be done by a good technical. As BIOS are the part of computer that contains all the info that is necessary to run a computer and if there is no BIOS in computer you will not able to see any thing on your computer.

One thing more that will be more help full for you will be to down load your computer BIOS on a flash drive and try to resolve your problem in many cases it works fine but it is just on your luck. I cannot say it will work fine you need to update your BIOS through a proper way in such a case.


Michal joran.

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How to deal with BIOS failure?


Hello dear,

What you did was very harmful, because it is recommended that you do not turn off your computer while you are updating BIOS. If you do so, your computer will fail permanently. There is no way to fix this problem. You need to meet with a technician or manufacturer for more information.


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