How to create layering feature in the PictureBox using C#

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I am making a complex application of image processing in Visual Studio 2010.

I want to have a layering effect in my Application just like in Photoshop.

Just like this, so that users can click on each layer and edit it accordingly.

Do I have to create a new User control or it is possible to do this with predefined control of Visual studio like Picture Viewer?

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How to create layering feature in the PictureBox using C#


To create layering feature in picture box using C # use this code.

Bitmap NewPicture = newBitmap(Database.Folder + "\Resources\Minimaps\"+ msg.MapName + ".bmp");

Graphics gBmp = Graphics.FromImage(NewPicture);

floatRatio = ((float)msg.MaxSize / (float)512);

UInt16 x = (UInt16)(msg.CharX);

UInt16 y = (UInt16)(msg.CarY)h;

Rectangle rect = newRectangle((x – (Thickness / 2)), (y – (Thickness / 2)), Thickness, Thickness);

gBmp.FillRectangle(Brush, rect);

this.MapPictureBox.Image = NewPicture;


Now for insert image in this picture box use this code:

this.PictureBox.BackgroundImage = map;

Then if you thought you could make a new map layer

Bitmap MapLayer = newBitmap(512, 512);

Draw on it with your own functions and lastly

this.PictureBox.Image = MapLayer;


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