How to count occurence of names on Excel?

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I'm currently preparing my project plan and I'm on the references section. Here, I need to calculate the occurrence of each name on the whole sheet. I cannot locate a function that meets my demands so I would like you to support me with this. 

How can I count the occurrences of names on a sheet?

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How to count occurence of names on Excel?

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There are 3 alternatives to choose from,
  • NOTE: All these formulae must be entered as array formulae. To enter an array formula, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. 
Method 1»
Use the COUNTIF() function to count the occurrences of a text string. For example, use the formula
Here range means the range of cells that you are evaluating, and text is the text string that you want to count instances of (note that text must be enclosed in quotation marks). 
Method 2»
Method 3»


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