How to cool my RAM?

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Hey guys, I’ve got a problem with using my RAM … I used the thermal tape to attach my heatsink on it yet it’s still very hot. Sigh … seems like my cooler doesn’t cool down the RAM properly. My card was almost ruined when I tried to remove the heatsink. Please help !!! Is there something like a thermal pad that can resolve this problem?

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How to cool my RAM?


Cooling fan can help you cooling your RAM and improve your system performance. Put a fan on your side-panel directly over your RAM that will help your ram to get hot because it will continue providing it air.

There is another option you can use. There are some cooling devices like

1. Tt Active Memory Cooling Kit
2. Tt DDR Heat Spreader
3. Tt DDR Copper Heat Spreader

Manufactured by Thermaltake used for RAM cooling

You can visit their website here for getting more information and purchasing.

Also try to use another RAM, it will help your system to run better.

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How to cool my RAM?


In every computer system there is a built-in facility of cooling down the system accessories like ram, power supple and etc. here you found that you face a problem of the hot inner environment so you must check your fan system inside the computer may be that one is not perform their function well or also sometimes there is a loosing of wires so check it out first.

You can also insert a new fan which is a portable fan used in older systems to cooling down the board. So that fan helps you a lot to fix your problem.


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How to cool my RAM?


With the RAM, it needs a fan installed next to it for cooling system. All the chips should be installed and fitted well to reduce the overheating of your Personal Computer. Have the right RAM installed and fixed well. Get a thermal Pad also installed to redce the overheating and always switch your computer off when not in use.

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How to cool my RAM?


Hello PeaceandLove,

It seems like your RAM memory is loosely attached to the RAM slot on the motherboard, and thus it cannot function properly. Could it be broken or what made you attach it on the heat sink using a thermal tape? The heat sink may also have been damaged when you tried to remove it.

If the memory was ruined, especially the contacts which are sensitive have been damaged then you will have to replace the RAM with another one, since I do not think there is a way that you can replace the sensitive contacts of the memory if they are damaged. You may also need to replace the heat sink in case the damage was bad.


Mahesh Babu


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