How to convert VLC file into mp3?

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So I have a dozen of music that I want to import on to my mp3 but I'm not sure how. What is a good program that I can use for that?

Thank you.

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How to convert VLC file into mp3?



Importing music to mp3 player is a very easy process. Just follow the process.

  1. Plug in the mp3 player to the USB on the computer.
  2. Then open Windows Media Player.
  3. The device would be automatically discovered in Media Player.
  4. Go to the Sync tab on the top-right corner.
  5. Then drag and drop your tracks that you want in your mp3 player.
  6. Wait some time for the tracks to sync up to your device.
  7. Then Safely remove the device.
select Mp3 Music

I hope this helps.

Enjoy your music.

-Jack Hostler

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How to convert VLC file into mp3?


Sometime it happens with your audio file. It shows an error and its format doesn’t allow you to play the file. Well, you can convert your unplayble file to mp3.

Some software’s allows you to convert that type of files. MP4 converter is helpful software which allows you to convert your files to mp3. It’s extremely fast and work smoothly. You can convert other formats too. Simply follow these steps –

1) Go to

2) Download MP4 converter software. 

3) Install it.

4) Convert your file.

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