How to convert itunes to mp3?

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I have installed Garmin Road Tech Zumo GPS for my mobile vehicle and I am compiling mp3 files so I could play them all while on the road through my GPS. I have this music library on iTunes and my friend told me that I need to convert these music files into mp3.

When I asked him on how to convert iTunes to mp3, he provided a rather vague answer and instruction and I end up unsuccessful. It won’t play because instead of ending up with an mp3 extension file name, it appears as MPEG 4 audio file. So my GPS could not acknowledge and it just says “No MP# files found”. Can anybody give me a hand on this problem of mine?

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How to convert itunes to mp3?





To convert iTunes to MP3 file format:

  • Go to iTunes Preferences.

    • On Windows: Select Edit and choose Preferences
    • On Mac: Select iTunes and choose Preference
  • Get on the General command button.
  • Select the Importing Settings command button.
  • Starting on the Import Using come up menu.
  • Select the format that you like to convert, select OK to save.


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How to convert itunes to mp3?

  • Ensure that the conversion settings in the iTunes are in the MP3 format.
  • Then select all the songs you want to convert to MP3.
  • Once the songs are highlighted, from the iTunes menu, click on the Advanced Menu.
  • Make sure that the Create MP3 Version is selected before proceeding. The selected iTunes will be converted to MP3 format that can play on any MP3 devices.

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