How to Connect RJ-45 with wire.

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Hi All,

For sharing my pc with my laptop,i need to connect two RJ-45 with wire .Normally I can not connect it with wire .I want to know how to connect rj-45 with wire. I see that , this wire has small eight wires and also has eight port .Now suggest me rj-45 connect step.

Thanks in advance.

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How to Connect RJ-45 with wire.


Dear Anishya

Connecting the RJ 45 first you require some tools like steeper, cutter and a tool to connect and connector and a scissors.

First of all cut the wire properly and make them in equal parts on both sides,

2nd, then from cutter cut the main wire from which you may find some other wires, I also attached a picture of it you can see from it.

3rd, There is color coding with two types both are mentioned in my following link you can check from there

Furthermore there is also a YouTube video of connection a connector RJ-45 with a CAT5 cable which you can see below

By using these instructions you can easily make a wire for your internet connection

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How to Connect RJ-45 with wire.

  • It requires special tools when you need to connect RJ45. with out these tools you will not be able to connect your wire with your connecter.
  • The tools required to join RJ45 are called crimp tool  products and can be available from your next door computer shop.
  • RJ45 crimper is used to put wire in her jack and keep it there for a long time. While the cable taster tests the connection between wire.
  • These two tools are needed for connecting them both. Else there are different techniques to plug wires in to the connector. They are called the connection type for the connector. You can arrange wires in different ways and it makes a different combination and different network technique. These pins and connections further describes the type of connection which user want to use.

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