How to connect different operating systems?

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I wanted to connect  windows xp and windows 7 through LAN but I don't know how to connect these operating system 

through LAN. I am sure that this problem persists . But there must be a solution. Help please!!!

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How to connect different operating systems?


I’m not sure what are you trying to do here. Your question is quite confusing and your post nearly reached 30 views and yet no one was able to understand the idea. At first, I thought you are planning to install another or a different operating system on your current Windows platform.

I thought you wanted to install Windows 7 on your computer that is running on Windows XP. If this is the case, it is possible using VirtualBox. You can install an old Windows 95 over your current Windows XP platform. You can install as many virtual machines as you like as long as your hard drive and RAM memory can handle it.

But if you want to connect 2 computers with different operating systems using Local Area Network (LAN), it is very possible. You just need to properly install the devices on both computers including their respective network cards. You also need to configure both computers’ network card’s IP addresses so they will be able to recognize which is which.

And you need to use a hub where you will connect both computers. If you don’t know how to configure a network card, you can search over the internet on how to properly configure a network card including properly assigning an IP address.

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