How to connect computer to television?

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I was just curious.  Is there any way wherein one can connect a computer to the television using any type of jacks, extensions or anything or can it be plugged through the DVD player through the USB port? If not, is there any computer and television today that can do this type of connection?

What are these televisions/computers? 

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How to connect computer to television?


There are almost 5 methods that I know

1. S-video cable

2. VGA cable

3. DVI cable

4. HDMI cable

5. Scan converter box.

Most common and cheap way to connect PC to TV is S-video cable. You have to make sure you laptop or PC is supported with this port. Always remember that S-video port has to type one is 4 pin and another is 7 pin. If you have a HDTV then it is better to connect your TV with VGA cable.

Normal TV normally does not have VGA port to connect. DVI elaborate to Digital Video Interface this is for better quality but expensive. Your computer needs a DVI port and you need HVTV.

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