How to Configure Outlook to Delete Obsolete Files after Certain Period

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I have a lot of old emails in my outlook email account. I need to delete some of these old emails but I do not want to waste too much time deleting them one at a time. How can I adjust the settings to specify a particular period for the emails to be deleted automatically? I would also like a message to be sent to me stating the intended action? How can I get this information sent to my phone before confirming yes or no to the request

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How to Configure Outlook to Delete Obsolete Files after Certain Period


To set outlook to automatically delete emails in a folder in a specific period, you need to set a rule in your account, you can either do this from your browser or from your MS-outlook.

Creating a rule from your browser

Log in to your account and then click settings, then select Manage Rules.

Click “New” button, then create conditions to files inside a folder, for example “Inbox” to be deleted if it’s older than 60 days.

Create rule then refresh the browser to implement the rule

Creating a rule from your MS-Outlook

Open MS-Outlook, then from Home tab, click rules and select Manage Rules & Alerts.

Create a new rule

Apply rules to messages I receive

Specify an account

Select action “Delete It”

Select Exceptions

Then click “Finish”

IMPORTANT: Don’t Check the box, especially if the folder you want to delete contains important emails that you haven’t move yet.

Next is to go to Folder Tab and “Run rules”

Then it solves your problem

For deleting emails in 1 click just right-click on the desired folder, then selects empty folder from your browser

Or from the Folder tab on your MS_Outlook then select “Delete all”

As of now Outlook doesn’t have that option to send alerts when you set automated deletes.

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