How to compress video with OX (multiple files)?

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I need to compress some .mov video files to upload on my web page. Is there some way I can compress video with OSX (multiple files at a time)? 

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How to compress video with OX (multiple files)?



I see that you want to compress .mov files to upload on your web page. There are many software to compress .mov files. A few of them are free and few of them are not. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some reliable software are listed below.

1. Stufit – You can get it here – It is a very easy to use and reliable software. See the screenshot below:

2. iDVD – You can get it here – It is a very reliable and fast software.

These are the widely used softwares to compress .mov files.

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How to compress video with OX (multiple files)?


An MOV file or “.mov” file is a QuickTime video file format which opens by default on the Apple QuickTime Player. A video file is already a compressed form of file. If you compress it further using any other file compressor software, you will only get a very small compression output if you compare the compressed output file and the original MOV file.

This is because the file is already compressed from the beginning. If you want to upload your video on your website in the form of an archive or compressed file, you can use any file compressor tool. The one I’m using is 7-Zip since it offers a higher compression ratio compared to other major file compressors.

7-Zip is not designed for OS X but there are unofficial packages that you can use on your platform. To try it, go to 7-Zip Download. At the bottom of the page, you will find “Some unofficial p7zip packages for Linux and other systems”. Visit one of the links that offers support for the OS X operating system.

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