How to color correct old slides?

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I have more than 20 years old slides with abnormal reddish color.

I have Photoshop Cs 2 and have some knowledge.

Please tell me how to color correct old slides using Photoshop.


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How to color correct old slides?


Hi Andrer, 

I believe I will be able to help you with your query to the best of my ability. The picture slides can still be color corrected as the picture slides that haven't been with error for a long time. What you need to solve that problem is the following;

Open the picture in Photoshop window and go to 'New Adjustment layer' and click. You will get as selection list, click on 'Levels'.

Using an adjustment layer lets one use Levels without committing to any changes.

Adjustment label

This is how it will display in levels, you will need to adjust the image to become more outstanding.

Change the Display Properties

The black arrow on the left will represents pure black, the middle adjusts the contrast and is referred to as the mid-tones level slider, and the far right represents pure white. The histograms are usually different for every picture.

Adjust the levels to achieve the look you want, or click 'Auto' to have the image instantly set to 'Automatic levels' (based on tonal range) and go from there. Select 'Options' for more customization features.

The layer palette will now have two layers—the original image and a levels adjustment layer. If you change your mind about the way the photo should look, you will only have to delete the adjustment layer.

layer Palette

This is how the histogram looks after selecting auto levels.

In the drop down list at the top of the dialog box, where it says Edit, you can choose which color set you'd like to refine.

Drop down List

Select adjustment for saturation so that one color cannot affect the others.

Adjustment colors

You can now accurately define the colors you wish to adjust with the eyedroppers, above the rainbow color toolbar.

This should solve your query.


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