Tips on how to clean modem and CPU

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I need some tips for taking care of my pc. After every some days dusts make my CPU dirty inside and outside. Especially my monitor is attacked by dust every day.

How can I easily remove that dust from inside and outside my CPU? How can I keep my CPU clean every day easily? Should I use any kind of fluid for the cleaning? What kind of fluid can I use? I really need to know.

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Tips on how to clean modem and CPU


Easy way and have fun but potentially devastating way: you two go about cleaning keyboard methods. Former requires that the compressed air and some cleaning fluid – anything with antibacterial spray Pledge wipes, your choice.

Turn off the computer. Cleaning solution from start to slow down on the keys brushing; I recommend you spray a paper towel or a wet cleaning (I'll talk about that later) the keyboard rather than the wet wipe. If you think that is enough crude oil free, compressed air spray between the keys away with you can get. A more thorough job, but you a custom pen, mechanical pencil, or use a pair of scissors to stop and want to pop the keys on the keyboard.

Once it has started to deep clean the underlying surface. Lots of keys you want to do the cleaning, just in case you forget where the key can be.

"Fun" method involves sticking keyboard in the dishwasher and let nature take its course. Some highlights: Gaming Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard Standard keyboard with them taking a big risk. To put it another way, if you steer clear of this method if your keyboard has a small screen should engage. Cover with plastic and tape any open USB ports, and a wireless keyboard if you're cleaning, remove the battery before washing. Set the dishwasher drying temperature is not hot – just the air – and make sure buttons are facing down.

Once the keyboard is swimming, you should give up trying to use it to dry completely before. Put the plate upside down on the grill for a few days, some days the sun, burst stick to the inside with compressed air. You find a perfect solution for every last bit of water from the keyboard will get – you just have to be patient, paperweight device is not.

That is, a brushing with a cleansing wipe or a damp soft towel – you cleaned your keyboard with the mouse can use the same technique. Depending on the type of mice, you the keys of a keyboard, giving you access to dirty bits in the same way down the main button should be able to pop off. You can also use the same clean cloth pad on the bottom of the gunk that sticks to the normal mouse can erase.

If you're still a ball with a wonderful heritage icons, the mouse on the bottom cover removed (the area where the mouse ball sits on) as giving a good ball smashed. And percentage of you is 99, the LED optical mice have moved slowly to put in a cotton swab should be sufficient to remove debris that has collected.

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Tips on how to clean modem and CPU



In cleaning your computer (CPU, monitor, and keyboard), you'll be needing the following:

  1. Soft and clean cloth.
  2. Cleaning fluid for computers (you can examples on this link
  3. Compressed air.
  4. Computer wipes (an example).
  5. Vacuum Cleaner.

All you have to do is to wipe the monitor with the computer wipes to remove dust. Wet computer wipes with cleaning fluid and wipe onto keyboards. Vacuum CPU to remove dust/dirt. If you feel cleaning the inside the CPU, then open the case and only use compressed air. Spray compressed air to remove dust/dirt inside the CPU.

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