How to check wireless key in computer

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I was on my friend's house and I brought my laptop with me because my internet at home did not work.

She has a wireless router and offered me internet access so I can do my job online. But she forgot the wireless password.

So we called our internet service provider, and they referred us to Netgear, our router manufacturer.

When we called netgear, they asked us to plug the computer to the router using Ethernet cord. But we don't have an Ethernet cord. And further assistance from netgear costs a lot. We just wanted to know what the wireless password is.

Is there another way to check the wireless password?

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How to check wireless key in computer


Well this can be resolve easily but you never mentioned about the version of your windows and what windows are you using in your laptop if you are using windows 7 then right click on signals mark the click on properties there you can check on show digits the password will be shown.


If you are not using the windows 7 or if your are using any windows if you fail to check from the above setup then simply just restore your wireless router and set up a new network with your default router password given on the back side of the router hope this will work.


 BT home hub wireless settings

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How to check wireless key in computer



There is a way to check Wireless Key in computer, however you need to have computer that has Internet access either wired or wireless connection using your netgear router.

  • On your friend's computer, open a web browser.
  • Type on the address bar.
  • Log-in to GUI using admin as username and password for password.
  • Click on Wireless Settings in the left panel.
  • Wireless Network name of SSID will be shown on the screen.
  • Look Wireless Passphrase and or WEP Key.

Once you have that information, then you need to go to your computer and enter the Wireless Key when you connect to your secured network name/SSID.

Notes: You can also check Wireless WEP key in the bottom of your router labeled as WEP key.

setup wizard-wireless settings-NETGEAR

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