How To Check if The Website is Down or Not

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Hello everyone!

Had you already faced a problem in opening a site? Got an error site not found? The site works for my friend, but not for me? Any idea? Or suggestion?

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How To Check if The Website is Down or Not


Hello Alec,

You said that your friend can access that site but you can’t access it. So I think your internet connection may too much slow. So you should contact with your internet service provider company. Not ends here, Your web hosting’s may down or crashed. So you may check the web hosting bandwidth and administration setting of your web hosting. If you will see that your bandwidth is over then you should contact with your web hosting service provider.

I also suggest you to clear your browser cache and you may try to visit that website by changing your previous web browser. Sometimes our browser can't load every content of our site. So you should change your web browser or reinstall your previous web browser for more rapid action.

I hope your problem will solved very soon.

Thank You.

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How To Check if The Website is Down or Not


This problem is not new to all of us. There are so many reasons to consider why websites is getting down from time to time. Listed below are possible reasons:

1. Slow internet connection;
2. Website maintenance;
3. Your computer is infected with virus; and
4. Possible Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Domain Name System (DNS) problems.
If the problem is related with the ISP or DNS, then it helps if you visit this site for a quick check to see if the website is down for everyone or just for you.
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How To Check if The Website is Down or Not


You can check if your website is down or not through using another website but sometimes it is not reliable, so here are some of the things you can do to know if your website is down or not, first you can refresh the your browser, and you can try to open the website in other browser like Google chrome. Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox to make sure that your website is down.

Secondly you can disable your internet connection and then try to restart again your browser and visit the site to see if your website is down.

Thirdly you can ping the website, to make sure that its available or not. Fourth you can check the trace route, meaning you trace where is the road on which your website is going, meaning the connection before it open your website.

And lastly you can open the website on other computers to make sure that if its done on your computer it should also be down or offline on another computer, or by asking your friends or relatives to open a particular website to check if it's really down or its only on your computer because you have a slow internet connection that's why the website is down on your browser.

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