How to Change the Background Color of a Document in Photoshop

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I need someone to help me get my bearings right and enjoy the experience of using Photoshop to do my projects. I have been grappling with this issue of background color for some time now but I want today to be last time for my trouble in Photoshop. So how do you change the background color of a document in Photoshop? Please give a brief outline to help me.


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How to Change the Background Color of a Document in Photoshop


Open the file or picture that you would be changing the background. Click the lasso or quick selection tool.

Select the required area of the object you would want to be retained in the picture.Use the refine edge, this tool is available only for selection tools in Photoshop.

From the refine edge window, you may try experimenting on the adjustment slides to view the outcome. 

Click on the output tool option and look for "New Layer" to get an old layer’s copy with its new background. 

Afterwards, open the new background image in a new Photoshop window. Using the Move Tool, click inside the image you want to move. Hold down your mouse button and drag it into the new background image’s document window. Try positioning the image to where you want it to be retained over the new background.

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