How to centralize CAD data through LAN

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Our small organization handles important data from 23 computers. Now, we are currently using CAD for all of those computers through LAN. We know that 23 computers are too many to be handled. Thus we decided to look for a solution that can centralize our important data. At the same time, we also like to have an additional feature to our communication server.

We would like to have an automatic back up on our incoming and outgoing emails for documentation purposes. Kindly give us your best opinions on what to do or what software to have considering our requirements.   

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How to centralize CAD data through LAN



About to your problem on How to centralize CAD data through LAN you can use a Smart network monitor of LG in this centralizing you only need just one host PC like your server and you can connect up to 30 users can connect to your host PC in your network. 

Just install the virtual software (included in the package) in your host PC and connect your 30 network monitors in your 48 ports switch you can now use your network monitors with various computer applications required in your office work without difficulties. 

The advantages of this network monitor deliver a significant cost advantage in hardware acquisition, low power consumption, and easy operation. 

Bout to your automatic back up on your incoming and outgoing emails I can recommend the Mail base

Email archiving software that runs in the background and before an email is sent or received it will store a copy of this incoming and outgoing email in your desired location. 

The very important part Mail base is completely free. 

Thank you. 

Please see attached file for your reference.

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