How can you describe PERC 6 controller?

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Can anyone describe PERC 6 Controller?

What are its specifications and what are its advantages over other RAID Controllers?

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How can you describe PERC 6 controller?



I have understood your problem, and I have a solution for you. This will resolve the problem completely.

I have added a link which will surely helps you to diagnose the problem.

The link has a complete detail of the problem you wants to elaborate.

This will help to understand what PERC 6 is and how it operates and what are its basic and hidden qualities. Here you can also come to knew about the PERC 06 and its features detail also. I am sure this will increases your knowledge also.

Hope you got the answer.

Best of luck for your future.


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How can you describe PERC 6 controller?


PERC stands for PowerEdge™ RAID Controller and was introduced by Dell for its enterprise-class controllers line. It was created for improving performance, boost the fault tolerance and reliability, and easy management. These characteristics will give a strong and easy to handle method for building a tough infrastructure that will also assist in boosting server uptime. The PERC 6 controllers work on qualified Dell SATA physical disks.

The newest edition of PERC cards is the PowerEdge™ RAID Controller Series 8. These latest controllers offer 6 Gb/s SAS PowerEdge™ RAID Controller. It has a 6 Gb/s SAS [SAS 2.0] host interface and a PCI-Express Gen2.0. The PERC H710P and PERC 810 include the standard CacheCade 1.1. It has a considerable increase in IOPs performance and capable of throughput performance. The PERC H710P and PERC 810 have dual core PowerPC CPUs which drastically increases IOPS performance by Fastpath and Cut-Through IO.

PowerEdge™ RAID Controller series 8

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How can you describe PERC 6 controller?


At the outset, I wish to say to the Techyv experts thanks for your comments which were above criticism.

I am a new learner also interested in every technology in the world among those PERC 6 Controller is one of them.

To get more reliable information I have visited many sites but I am unable to make head or tail of this task because of their complex discussion was a hotchpotch, explain nothing and my search did not bear fruit.

But at long last, I have found my desired answer from Techyv experts especially from Sharath, you gave a complete detail about the PERC 6 controller.

You gave also the full specifications, the compatibility and the usage.

So thanks guys for your help.

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