How can Mac open rtmp streaming?

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Everytime I try to play videos with my MacOS, I always have problems with some videos. Is it because of my flash player? How can I solve this problem?  Can it be solved by rtmp streaming? If yes, how can mac open rtmp streaming?
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How can Mac open rtmp streaming?

Video streaming is an intensive activity. Your question welcomes a vast possibilities of answer. The question itself is vague. How exactly do you mean? Is the video stuttering? Does it take a long time to load/buffer? In any case, I'll offer a few tips with the intent of narrowing down the possibilities. First off, we take a look at network connections and hardware.
It's possible your ISP is bottlenecking the streaming. Run a speed test of your connection on Check if you are actually getting the speed you are paying for. Does the problem occur at certain times of the day/night? We have to consider the possibility the your ISP's network may be congested during peak hours. Ensure that there are no bandwidth hefty programs running in the background, such as IMs, updates, antivirus, etc.
Perhaps you are trying to stream a 1080p movie? Try to lower the  video quality. Are you on a wireless network? The medium which your network connection uses can greatly affect streaming performance, and wireless-G does not offer speed fast enough for high resolution videos. You need to check if the streaming source is fast enough, ie. YouTube or Netflix or Google. Check if you have the latest version of your browser. Your browser's plugin may be at fault as well. 
As for your question about RTMP, you can see for yourself if it will improve the streaming performance. You can find a simple tutorial on how to do RTMP streaming on MAC here. 

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