How can I use 2 80gig SSD in 1 partition?

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I need help with my system. I just received my 2 Samsung 80 gig Solid State Drive yesterday and I was planning on using it for my system. I already know how to reformat and put my OS on a new drive. the problem is how can I use my 2 80g SSD's so the system can read it as a single 160 gig SSD. A detailed instructions on how to do this would be very much appreciated.


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How can I use 2 80gig SSD in 1 partition?


There are two option to do this

Number 1

For this to be done you need to make little changes in the hardware of the machine.As to convert these drives into one your system need to be RAID enable. If its not than you need to attach an PCI RAID card and install it.

And do remember as you want to get them converted to one drive of 160 gb for this you will need card with RAID 0 array and that will do the job the for you.

Number 2

You need to combine these drives by using Disk Management utility of window.

Step 1; Run Disk Managment.msc to do this please follow the path : Start – Run – Type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter or ok.

Now a new window will come up saying disk management delete all the PARTITION from drive except c drives.

Convert both c drives into dynamic disk. (right click on the PARTITION will give this option) now in partition c right click and select extended volume. Once you see the extend volume wizard then press ok which will take you to select Disk page.

Now select the disk and click next and finish any available space in the drive now will come into the current partition. But do remember one thing during this process the drive will be formatted so if you have any data in this please take a backup of that first.

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How can I use 2 80gig SSD in 1 partition?


Hello George,

Once you have installed the additional 80 GB hard disk drive that you just received, I am assuming that you know how to do that since you have said so, you will just need to extend the volume of the 80 GB hard disk drive that you already had since that it combines with the one you have just installed to make a total of 160 GB.

You will extend the hard disk space using the disk management utility. If you are using windows 7, just click on start and then type computer management in the search box and then press enter. In the window that pops up, click on disk management. Locate the old hard disk and right click on it, and then choose extend volume. The volume of that hard drive will be combined with the new one to make 160 GB.


Mahesh Babu

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