How can I take a snap with Zoom Player 8.6

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While I was watching a movie with Zoom Player, I tried to take a snapshot of it but I couldn't.

From what I know it is possible, and I have also seen a folder for captures in the software's files.

The only problems is, the function does not work.

I pressed the ALT+F combination and nothing.

Maybe I don't know the exact procedure, but that is why I came to you guys from TechyV, so you can explain to me how exactly can

I take a snap with Zoom Player.

I am using Windows 7, if it makes any differences.

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How can I take a snap with Zoom Player 8.6


Hello Robert!

The developers of the Zoom Player made a setting that disables screenshots. So, in order to take one, you have to temporarily change this setting.

After opening the Zoom Player, go to Options > Setup. Go to Advanced Mode by pressing a button in the lower left corner. If there says "Basic Mode", it means you already are in the Advanced Mode. Then, go to Filter Control and select the Standard Media Playback tab. By default, the Overlay mixer is already chosen.

If you're using a Windows 7 operating system, you should choose the setting for Windows XP, meaning the VMR7 option and press OK. However, if this won't work, you can come back and choose the other option, VMR9 renderless, that is designed for Windows 2000, although it has more problems than the overlay function.

Now you can take as many screenshots as you like by pressing Alt + F. Or you can use the print screen function on your keyboard, and then open Paint (or other photo editor you have) and paste there the screenshot.

Remember to follow the same steps as above after you have taken the screenshots and set the renderer back to Overlay mixer.

Good luck!

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