How can i sync MAC Mails with mails?

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How can i sync MAC Mails with mails?

I have no clue to do this and any step by step instructions could be of great use.


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How can i sync MAC Mails with mails?


Hi Eadjei,

You can use IMAP which is finally Microsoft added IMAP support. It’s a free Web e-mail service, You can use with Appl’s Mail app on OS X. Follow these steps to set up Mail to use IMAP for

Step 1:  If you're utilizing two-step confirmation with your Microsoft account, you require to go to & create an app password to use. If not, move on to Step 2.

Step 2:  To Iunch the Mail app in OS X and start the “Add account wizard” go to the File > Add Account. If you've not ever used Mail & opening it for the first time, the “Add account wizard” will perform automatically.

Step 3:In the address location, you need to enter a bogus e-mail address plus leave the password field blank, then select “Continue”.

Step 4: For incoming mail server settings you need IMAP type setting account. After setting account then enter "" as your incoming mail server. Enter your genuine e-mail address plus password in the username as well as password location. Note that to use your app password here if you're using two-step verification you need to select “Continue” to change on to the outgoing mail server settings.

Step 5: In outgoing mail server, enter "" Check the box to utilize authentication, then press “Continue”.

Step 6: Next double-check the mail server settings to be sure that everything has been entered appropriately. You will get notice that your e-mail address displays up as the bogus address you entered in “Step 2”. In this case go back & repair this after the account's been generated. Be sure to uncheck the box next to "Take account online," then click “Create”.

Step 7: Then from the Accounts window select the account you just generated from the left pane. After appearing your account information replace the bogus e-mail address with your genuine e-mail address. After done, close the Accounts window & be sure to save your changes.

Step 8: Finally at the main “Mail menu”, go to “Mailbox” >> select "Take All Accounts Online."

That's all. Within a few minutes, your folders as well as e-mail messages will show up and now you will be able to sync with the Web and mobile clients.


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