How can I set an auto poweron on my PC?

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Hi Guys!

I have this computer that I use for downloading stuff from the internet. A friend of mine, whom I cannot reach now activated for me an auto power off so I can leave my computer on and it goes off automatically at a particular time. I wanted to have the computer go on again at some particular time. Is there a way I can have auto poweron on a PC running Windows 7 Service Pack 2? I appreciate.

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How can I set an auto poweron on my PC?


Hello Grant,

Yes there is a way you can automatically start up your computer. You just need to tweak your system settings a little bit. Here’s the step by step procedure on how you can do it:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Switch it on. Press delete once you get to the screen that shows “Press DEL or F1 to enter SETUP” or a similar message that says “Press DEL or F1 to enter BIOS system”
  3. Look for the “Power” tab. You can use your arrow keys to go there. Then scroll to “Power Up Control” and press enter.
  4. Scroll to “Automatic Power Up and select “Everyday”
  5. Now you need to set an alarm when you want it to start. Go to “Time Alarm” and change the time. Make sure that you select the time in 24-hour format (if there is any option)
  6. When you are satisfied with the settings, press “Esc” key. A prompt message will show up and ask you if you want to save the changes you have made. Select “yes” to apply the changes.
  7. Your computer will reboot.

Okay so here’s a tip for you. Some Computer BIOS settings will have the option labeled “RTC” or “Wake on RTC”. RTC means Real Time Clock.

I hope this guide have helped you.

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How can I set an auto poweron on my PC?



Hi Grant,

Definitely there is a way to solve your problem.Well it depends the kind of PC you are using. Most modern PCs support such functionalities.I will give you a breakdown and the most generalizedBios way to solve it out.Such settings are done through the BIOS.

  •        When switching on your computer, press either F2,F10 or the key specified in your prompt screen for entering into BIOS setup.
  •        Then check in Power Management category or something related to that. You will be able                                 to get a choice for this setup.            
  •        Save and exit.

With the general steps above, you will be done.

Please View attached image for a simple snapshot of the above.

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