How can I see the video or memory?

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 I want to see how much video ram or memory my video card has? Please help.

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How can I see the video or memory?


To observe the memory position of any Video card is not a tricky task. Look the following helpful steps if you are using window 7 or vista

  1. Right click on your desktop, click on the personalize from the list
  2. Click on Display from the bottom left corner of the window
  3. From the left column click on the Change Display Setting.
  4. Click on Advance Setting Link, the following window will be open with this click.

You can see the capacity which is available for memory both for Graphics card as well as dedicated memory, dedicated memory represent the memory of Video card

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How can I see the video or memory?


Hello Kamal

Checking the video card memory is easy. Follow my instructions.

  1. Go to Start and click on run
  2. In the dialogue box type "dxdiag" without the quotes and click on ok.
  3. Now the dxdiag should be open, go to the display tab.

You can see the information about your video card such as model,manufacturer and video memory in the top left corner of the window. Right of that is the information about the driver of the video card. I hope you got what you need.

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