How can I repair Windows XP without losing data?

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Last Month, I formatted my PC because it was not functioning well. There was a virus entered on my computer and the best way to remove it is to reformat my PC. After formatting, when I am using it, there was a message appeared ant it said that there was a part of my local disk corrupted. Windows XP gave some solution to repair.

The solution was is to insert again the Windows XP CD and choose R to repair. I did it many times but unfortunately nothing happens.


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How can I repair Windows XP without losing data?


If you are updating you window it this case your data will not lose. If you repair you window from you repair wizard then they gave you option for should they remove data or not. 

If you want to replace older window with new version you should save your data to some other Hard disk drive. You should shift all your data from drive where you want to install window to some other drive now format drive and install window.

Thank you

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How can I repair Windows XP without losing data?



Try another disk of windows XP, the repair is ought to start when you press R. If it doesn’t work then in order to setup a fresh copy of windows without any data loss, you should follow these steps:

  1. Create a backup of your current drive in which the present operating system is installed. Any necessary files that you may need, just copy them to another drive.
  2. Then go to installation mode and format that specific drive which contains the current windows. All the data will be lost.
  3. Go to setup windows and install a fresh copy at that empty drive.
  4. After installation just move your necessary files from the backup drive.

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How can I repair Windows XP without losing data?


Hello Lohnmar,

First of all you need to backup your precious data before doing some experiments with your computer. For Backing up your data you need to have a storage device like a portable hard disk or a Flash drive. Get a live distro of any operating system which you could run without installing. I Recommend Hirens Boot CD. Get a Bootable Disk on that and boot your computer from the disk. Select Mini Windows XP. After a successful boot, you will get a screen similar to Windows XP.

Click on my computer and you will see all the drives of your computer. Connect your Storage Device for taking the backup of data. After a successful backup. Install a fresh copy of Windows XP and restore your data to the computer.

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How can I repair Windows XP without losing data?


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear it seems that  you have many bad sectors in your hard disk. Bad sectors make disk unreadable.

Kindly take steps to avoid this problem.

First take a EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition from market or download it from internet.

Download EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition

Visit above link to download it from internet.

Take any bad sector recovery utility from this EaseUS software.

Best recovery utility is Maxtor Low Level Formatter. If you have already installed it, simply run it on your hard drive. It will take about 4 hours to complete the recovery process. After this install your windows, kindly choose file system NTFS to format your hard drives.

Your problem will 100% resolved.


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