How can i repair Avast Antivirus ?

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I use Avast antivirus. Few days back my antivirus got corrupted. Actually I installed  Norton Internet security tools. After that my Avast is corrupted. Now what can i do?  Please help me,I can't install Win XP again and  I also tried the uninstall option but  nothing happened.

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How can i repair Avast Antivirus ?


Hi! Downine Jonson,

AVAST, Norton and other security software are getting  corrupted when it is misused. There are two (2) possible problems I can see why your security program failed.

  1. Possible conflict of security software installed
  2. AVAST and Norton internet security  both are installed, One should be removed
  3. Once security software gets corrupted, a quick fix is needed and should be available in the main menu of your security software. This should tell you that it is in need of fix and needs to run quick fix link.
  4. If everything failed, remove all existing security software in your Add/Remove program, Restart computer.
  5. Re-install back the software; in this case you want AVAST as your choice.

There you go.

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How can i repair Avast Antivirus ?



In a Pc having  two antiviruses is very harmful. Now you should go to control panel and remove both antiviruses and restart your PC. Then you should install only one antivirus program. If  the antivirus are not removed that way, you must install new Windows XP. I think it solve your problems correctly.

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