How can I remove the istart 123 virus from my PC?

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I understand that the Microsoft istart 123 is a virus and I want to remove it completely from my PC. Microsoft essentials is installed and it has not yet detected it. How can I go about removing the virus?

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How can I remove the istart 123 virus from my PC?


Hi, Joseph H Higuchi There is several ways on removing 123 viruses aside from using the Microsoft essentials. You must also be aware that 123 viruses are a worm type virus. Once it will get in it will have a lot of ways of protecting itself from removal. I suggest using other Antivirus software more reliable and can do the job. But 1st you need to cut the head of the worm in this case you be using different software.

Hers how

1. Download rkill application – this application will cut the head of the worm wherein it will stop protecting itself. The worm can no longer use the operating system to protect itself.

2. Download kav15.0.1.415en. This application will go directly and shield your Operating system so that no more attacks can be than by the virus and the tread of the virus so it can no longer run and I will stand left alone. In this case it is now vulnerable.

3. Download Kaspersky just uses the trial version run a full scan. After that your virus is gone.


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