How can i recover a faulty On-Board Video Card?

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I have a problem with my Desktop's On-board video.

It is used to be running smoothly when all of a sudden the monitor went black.

I tried a couple of times powering/rebooting the computer but still no luck.

No POST beeps, and nothing appears on the screen.

All of the Fans,LEDs,and Hard disk are working.

I unplugged the Monitor and the light turned amber.

When I re-plugged it to the CPU, i still got nothing.

And therefore I ended up buying a new PCI-e video card to resolve the issue.

I cleaned all the messy dust inside the CPU and made sure the motherboard is all clean.

But after I installed the new Video Card, and tried turning the computer on, Still i got nothing.

I am planning to disable the On-Board Video feature of the motherboard but i cant

Enter the BIOS settings to do it.

Even the CMOS Reset Jumper didn't work!

Did anyone get an idea how can i resolve this problem?

By the way, i'm using an A780GM-A (Socket AM2+) Motherboard

Thanks in advance for the help.

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How can i recover a faulty On-Board Video Card?


Recovering On-Board Video Card

Is it really the problem is you’re on board video card? Have you tried to test some other parts of your Motherboard?

Some Motherboards are silent on errors during power on self test (POST) particularly on on-board video adapter card. On board video adapter cards also share a memory from your RAM (Random Access Memory) module. If the RAM get busted your on board video adapter card also affected.

Now, before we begin troubleshooting your motherboard, please do a research for the beep codes that represents your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) or the CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi Conductor). Your BIOS or CMOS name is readable on the chipsets inside your motherboard. More often the BIOS chipset can be found near the battery.

Begin disconnecting all the peripherals inside your computer. Disconnect everything but not the power supply connected into the Motherboard.

Power on your computer and wait for the beep codes. If you can’t hear anything, the problem might be the processor or the BIOS. Basically BIOS is the initialization of your operating system, POST is one of its process and if no indication of a beep from that moment, it means the BIOS is dead. But we must remember that all things must be processed under the Processor. Therefore processor is also our suspect. No need to explain what to do next.

In case you hear a beep codes after disconnecting everything (remember everything these includes the memory modules.), you have the problem in your memory module. Try cleaning the memory by erasing the dirt on the pins and install then repeat the method. If you hear beeps then replace the memory module.

On board video adapter doesn’t required to disable on the BIOS if you want to install a Video Card. All you need to do is to plug-in the video card then connect your monitor. Just be sure that the video card you have purchased is compatible with your Motherboard.

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How can i recover a faulty On-Board Video Card?


You can see these points to solve your problem.

  • Try your card on some other port.
  • Make sure that your card is configured on the right port.
  • If you just make some changes to your video settings then try to resolve these settings through logging in with safe mode.
  • Make sure your monitor is working fine and is in working condition.
  • Check all the cables of your monitor and make sure it is plugged in correctly.
  • Check your monitor on some other computer and also check your video card on some other PC.
  • Check all the ports in side your PC with an other card all they working fine on these cards.
  • See for any error beep you listen during installation or uninstalling.
  • If there is a beep form your computer then it mean that the problem is in Motherboard try to resolve this problem.
  • See any BIOS changes to make sure they are working fine.

Once you go through these steps you will be able to locate problem and then can solve it easily.

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