How can I recover data from Hard Drive

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 I have Dell GX260 Optiplex.

Hard drive(Segate20GB) is not detecting by my system suddenly, i have huge amount of data in drive.

I tried to detect hard drive in setup at Master and Slave levels but still it did not detect by system.

What happened with drive and how can i recover my data?

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How can I recover data from Hard Drive

  • First thing to do is to check your BIOS settings first, check if the IDE is enabled if not enable it. And on the IDE settings, it must be set to Auto this is the only option that your BIOS will automatically detect your IDE HDD.
  • If all of the option I have gave to you are all followed and the hard disk drive is not yet detected, your drive might be busted. To be sure of this, you may try to connect other IDE HDD on your board so that you will isolate where the problem comes. Sometimes cables are one of the causes.
  • If the drive is connected and powered on, listen for the sounds that the hard disk drive may produce. If the drive produce a sound “tic-tic-tic” continuously, sad to say that your hard disk drive is 99.9 percent needs a replacement.
  • If the hard disk drive produces good sounds or normal sound, you my find a damaged but detectable on BIOS hard drive the same with the model of yours and replace the board of your damage HDD with the other HDD board.


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How can I recover data from Hard Drive

  • Recovering data from a hard disk is only possible if it is not damaged there are plenty of data recovery software's and i will suggest recover my data software it is good and data is easily recovered but before that you must check your motherboard as it can be a problem with your board and not with the harddrive.
  • If you are having trouble in detection of your harddrive then it is most probably a hardware problem.
  • I would suggest that you look at all the cables of the hard drive and make sure that they are nice and tight,loose connections are a very big factor which cause this problem.
  • If this doesn't work then try running the harddrive on some other computer to check its functionality that whether the harddrive is working properly or not.
  • Also switch the cables of cd rom with hard disk they are same and might help
  • Its a better idea to remove your hard disk and check the system by inserting a new one in that case you will be able to figure out if the problem lies with the hard disk or the Motherboard.


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