How can I perform bonding in linux?

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I have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 32bit,

I want to do different modes of bonding in Linux with three network interfaces (eth1, eth2 and eth3 ) .

How to do that?

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How can I perform bonding in linux?

This is the Linux Network bonding – setup guide
Linux network Bonding is creation of one bonded interface by combining a pair of or a lot of Ethernet compound. It can help in high availability of your network interface and offers performance development. Bonding is just the same as trunking or teaming.
Bonding permits you to mixture multiple ports into one cluster, effectively combining the bandwidth into one affiliation. Bonding conjointly permits you to make multi-gigabit pipes to move traffic through the very best traffic areas of your network. for instance, you'll be able to mixture 3 megabits ports into a three-megabits trunk port. that's equivalent with having one interface with 3 megabytes speed.
Download the following steps for bonding in Oracle Enterprise Linux and Redhat Enterprise Linux.
Look at ifconfig – a and confirm your bond0 interface is active. you're done!. For a lot of details on the various modes of bonding, please visit unixfoo’s modes of bonding. 
To verify whether or not the failover bonding works..
Do an ifdown eth0 and check /proc/net/bonding/bond0 and check the “Current Active slave”.
Do never-ending ping to the bond0 ipaddress from a distinct machine and do a ifdown the active interface.
The ping shouldn't break.

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