How can I open adobe reader x10 speedup on my Mac?

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I am unable to open adobe reader x10 speedup on my Mac. I have used the same software in windows. But it shows some “Active x 11” error message.

Can someone please explain me why do I see this error message every time and How can I solve it?

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How can I open adobe reader x10 speedup on my Mac?



Follow these steps.

For Windows :

1. Login as an administrator in your windows.
2. Click to visit and download this file Acrofix from Adobe site.
3. When downloaded it will prompt. Click on Open.
Login as an administrator in your windows
4. Start extract the file. It will depend location on your utility and system.
5. When extracted Click on Acrofix.exe for execution.
6. The execution gets successful then the command prompt will close by itself.
If the problem persists try this.
Solution # 2
From Command Prompt :
1. As an Administrator run Or go to command prompt.
2. Go to the extracted files in solution 1 check the 4th step where you save the extracted files.
3. Now type the Acrofix.exe and press enter.
The execution gets successful in the command prompt
4. The execution gets successful in the command prompt it will show you exit code 0.
5. Now you can Launch Acrobat Reader.
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How can I open adobe reader x10 speedup on my Mac?


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