How can I make flash presentation ?

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Hello friends,

I am a student of business administration. I have to prepare lots of projects and presentations in every semester. Usually people use MS PowerPoint to make a presentation. But I want some creativity in my work. I would like to make flash a presentation for my academic research.

But I don't know how to make it.

Please someone expert in this field help me out to suggest me about making a flash presentation and the using software.

Thank You.

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How can I make flash presentation ?


Hello Shoyeb,

I am glad to know that you want to learn how to create a flash presentation regarding your educational activities. As I also have to do many flash presentations for my works, I can realize your problem. Really it is better to use a flash presentation than a normal presentation. There developed many software which can help you to build a flash presentation very easily. Here I would like to mention some name and there url to download them.

AtPresent Editor 1.3

Demo Builder 8.1

Flash Demo Builder 3.05

IncrediFlash Intro and Banner Studio 1.0

You can also visit this page for detailed information:

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How can I make flash presentation ?


Hello Good day!

So you have a problem how to make flash presentation,well i made this  to help you

1. If you don't have a video camera purchase or rent so you can film your video,create an outline of your presentation so you could use dialog,images and words so you can tell through the use of video.

2. To create a linear story you must edit,and each frame you make must emphasize  the main point of your outline and try to act as a guide to the people that are viewing it and don't put footage that will make any confusion.

3. Use a video upload or a flash template so you can upload to your website. Filled with very helpful instructions and file upload option,flash presentation software made uploading video easier than trying a specific computer code.

4. Then choose video delivery option before going to the upload. The option includes video,SWF files and FLV files,must software program offer helpful advises so you could choose the delivery option for your video you produced.

5. Encode the video. You must create a video file that can be see online before you upload it to your website.

6. Lastly add the encoded file into your website,upload it through your web host. Visit your website to test if the video works properly and the video link if it's working.

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