How can i maintain different CSS for different browser?

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I have a CSS file which are very nice when I use the Mozilla as my browser, but if I run on my browser Internet explorer and visit my site there are noticeable change in this browser.

How I can solve this problem? 

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How can i maintain different CSS for different browser?


In an ideal world, you only need one set of CSS style sheets for your website, and those styles will work with every browser currently being used. This, as every webmaster soon finds out when he/she uses CSS, is a pipe dream. The modern browsers all have uneven levels of implementation of the CSS standards. As though this isn't bad enough, their implementations are often buggy – and they don't share the same bugs! And when you have solved that tricky bit, you find that your site has certain visitors (often your best customers) who, for various reasons, are using older browsers that have only rudimentary support for CSS.

What most (if not all) CSS-using webmasters want is a way to specify that a certain style sheet is to be used by such and such a browser and not others, as well as to hide other style sheets from older browsers.


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