How can I import contacts to GAL in Exchange?

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How can I import contacts to GAL in Exchange?

Is there any add-in or freeware application that can help me to import comma delimited file of contacts in GAL?

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How can I import contacts to GAL in Exchange?


There are two methods to solve/do this:

1. If only you use it import the contacts on outlook profiles.

2. If many people uses contacts on the GAL then

  • log on your computer as administrator
  • Go to start menu < All Programs < Microsoft Exchange Servers then launch Exchange Management Shell from this folder.
  • Command prompt window will open.
  • Type get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook and press Enter key. Close all open windows and restart your computer. All the contacts will be imported to GLA.

One more thing if you want GLA list into contacts then follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook Express. Click Tools < Options and select the name of the folder containing GLA addresses.
  • Select the entries pressing Ctrl key and click Add to Contacts.
  • Click the file menu and then Import and Export.
  • Click Import from another file or program. Click Next.

  • Click Personal Address Book under Select file type to import from. Click Next.

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