How can I implement Linux Mint recover system?

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My Linux Mint seems to have been corrupted and I have no idea how and by what. The system is not able to fully load though I have the original installation DVD. How can I Linux Mint recover system? It should be in such a way that I do not lose my documents that are inside. Urgent, please!

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How can I implement Linux Mint recover system?


Hello Cameron

If you are talking about file recovery in Linux OS then i have just the right system recovery program for Linux. I will give you 4 sites and they will take you to the download page. But best suggestion is OS reinstallation because this will give you less hassle and no time to waste. But since you have a file you need to recover then click on the sites and you got yourself a recovery program. After you recover your file please don't forget to back up your files in an external HDD. I do it all the time.

Here are the sites;




I hope each of this will help..

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