How can i Hide Folder in FTP site in Windows server 2003?

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I have created some folder for different clients. Thy can view these folders ,but thy don’t have access to this folders. We want to hide those folder which they don’t have access to.

I am trying to install Microsoft Access-based Enumeration. , but when i am trying to install it shows a error message "Processor not support"

Can I solve this problem with other Microsoft product or Microsoft solution?

Windows server version: "Windows 2003 Storage Server 64 bits."

Thank you.

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How can i Hide Folder in FTP site in Windows server 2003?


First talk about the error. The error clearly indicates that you are trying to install a 64 bit software on a processor that does not support the 64 bit architecture and is only capable of installing 32 bit software. You can try installing the 32 bit version of the Microsoft assess-based enumeration to solve the problem.

  1. But there is another method too to solve this problem. Lets say that you have a ftp with the following folders.
  2. Folder client 1.
  3. Folder client 2.
  4. Folder client 3.
  5. Folder public.
  6. So whenever the client 1 logs into your ftp site, only the folder client 1 and folder public should be visible. To achieve this you need to set the permissions of each folder. Set the Read permission of client 1 to that client username so that whenever it logs in, only the folder client 1 is visible to it.
  7. Similarly do this for each folder you want to. Set the permission no matter you want to hide 1 folder from a person or more than 10 folders.
  8. For the folder public set the permission to public and it will not cause any problem for you.

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