How Can I Get A Refrub iPad From Apple?

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I am looking to purchase my first iPad but need to get it pretty cheap. I see a lot of refurbished iPads for sale online but really want to get one directly from Apple. Can soneone explain to me how to get one?  Is there any security risks by using a iPad someone else has been using? Could you be connected to any activity they did online?

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How Can I Get A Refrub iPad From Apple?

Hi Joseph,
It is possible to get a refurbished iPad from the Apple store itself. 
The refurbished device will be as good as new and you have to configure it with your Apple ID (you can create a new one if you do not have one already). In this case, there are no security risks involved since there is no trace of the previous user or his data in the refurbished device. You can modify the default settings based on your preference by signing in with your Apple ID.

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