How can I forward port for 3com Warcraft 3?

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I have this multimedia game Warcraft 3 which I would like to launch on 3com router. How can I carry out the port forwarding on 3com router for a better experience playing Warcraft 3? I have other games on the computer that do not need any technical configurations to work. Kindly share with me a way in which I can configure 3com Warcraft 3 for a good experience. Thanks big time.

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How can I forward port for 3com Warcraft 3?



First of all, you need to make sure that You can play Warcraft 3 directly to your modem
(provided by your ISP)
If it works fine, just follow steps below. You need to open
Ports on your router. Warcraft 3 uses port numbers between 6112-6119.
1. Check your computer's ip address and default gateway,
right click on the computer icon in the lower right hand side corner
of your screen(if using windows xp) and click Properties
2.On Properties tab, click on support tab and take note of
the ip address and default gateway. The Default Gateway is the address
we need to use later on to access the user interface of the router.Close
the screen.
3.Open Internet Explorer,clear the address bar and type the default gateway of your
router(normally most routers use, it will prompt a username and password(note: you need to contact your router manufacturer to get the details for it)
4.If you are already familiar with the router's interface, look for port forwarding options normally under Games Application then input the settings:
ip address: the ip address that you have taken note earlier
ports: 6112,both for TCP and UDP
if there is an option to enable, enable it
note: if 6112 will not work,you can use 6113 and so on until 6119.
5.You may want to restart the computer first before you try to play the game
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How can I forward port for 3com Warcraft 3?


If you want to forward ports to your router, first, your computer should be on a static IP address. If you didn’t do any configuring on your connection and you just connected your computer to your router, most probably you are using a DHCP connection since most ISPs set DHCP connections to their subscribers.

To set your computer to use a static IP address, right-click your network icon on the system tray then select “Status” and then “Properties.” This is the icon that shows two monitors.

LAN icon

In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window, in “General” tab, scroll down and select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click “Properties.”

Internet protocol

On the next screen, select “Use the following IP address.” In “IP address” field, enter a new IP address for your computer like without quotes “” or create an IP address from your router’s default gateway. Click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories,” and then “Command Prompt.” In the command prompt window, type without quotes “ipconfig /all” then hit Enter.

On the result, look for the “Default Gateway” and take note of the number or IP address. Add 10 to the last digit of your default gateway and enter it in the “IP address” field. In “Subnet mask,” get the number from the result in the command prompt window then enter your default gateway in the “Default gateway” field.

Next, select “Use the following DNS server addresses” then enter the DNS servers from the DNS servers listed in the command prompt window.

Enter static IP

When you are finished, click “OK” all throughout. Now, to forward ports, log in to your router. Open your web browser and enter your default gateway on the address bar and hit Enter. Enter your username and password to log in to the router’s control panel. On your router’s interface, look for a tab called “Applications & Gaming,” “Advanced,” “Port Forwarding/Port Triggering,” “NAT/QoS,” or something similar.

Under “Internal” and “External,” enter the port you want to open or enter a range of ports under “Start” and “End.” Get the port numbers to forward from the game you want to play. Select “Protocol” (TCP, UDP, or both) and enter the static IP address you created. If available, select “Enable” then save the changes. And that’s it.

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