How can I format my Smart card on a PC?

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I have here a smartcard that is so much full of viruses and corrupted files. Now I want to reformat it but I don't have a proper software on how to do this, I have here a PC that I don't want to get contaminated by this Smartcard's viruses. May I ask where can I find a smartcard formater for PC?

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How can I format my Smart card on a PC?


Hello Mr Kristopher,

You don't need any software to format your card. To format the card follow the steps below:

Connect the card via card reader but do not open it. Close any screen that comes up.

Now go to My Computer > Right-click on the card > Select Format. Wait for few minutes to complete the formatting.

Hope this helps. Best regards.

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How can I format my Smart card on a PC?


Hi kristopher T stark,

Thank you for your question.

No need to download any additional software to format the card. You can format the card easily by using your computer.

Just insert your card in your PC using a card reader and go to my computer and right click the my computer option. There you find the option for format the card.

If you wish you can use software also. For any kind of software you can visit –

Most probably you are not willing to use the format option.

Then you should download a good antivirus that may help you. Another thing is that if u do the following thing to open a card , your computer may not infected by memory card virus. Do the following steps-

Insert the card in the Computer and go to your memory card option and press the expand option. And then if you wish you can save any data before Format the card

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