How can I fix my laptop that has missing or corrupt file?

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How can I fix my laptop that has missing or corrupt file?

My laptop that is HP aspire one suddenly displayed a blue screen while I'm using it. The blue screen has this error message  "System32/Drivers/Ntfs.sys"? But it has some instructions that tells me to press "R" to repair but it just restarts and nothing happen. I put my bootable cd to my cd rom but it doesn't work either. It just restarts continuously and system always stopped and display the blue screen.

How can I fix the missing and corrupt file on my laptop?

Can someone help me to this problem?

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How can I fix my laptop that has missing or corrupt file?


Insert your bootable cd in cd rom. When your pc restarts press DEL to enter into BIOS setup. Then select "cdrom" for "where to boot from" to choose primary source of booting. press F10 and y to restart again.

Then it will appear: boot from cd, press any key to boot from cd. then format your C drive and install fresh OS and follow instructions. After installation OS insert your motherboard cd(if required) to install various drivers ready to use your laptop.

This process will erase all the previous docs stored in drive C only. If you still cannot format drive C after choosing primary boot source in bios setup, then find another copy of bootable cd from others to continue the whole process again. Hope u'll use your laptop now. If u still cannot format your C drive, then stop doing anything. It may be hardware problem (RAM/HD/Processor/Motherboard). If you have warranty/guaranty then place it from where you bought it. If you don't have warranty/guaranty then go to authorized service center for HP laptops, they will tell you what to do next.

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How can I fix my laptop that has missing or corrupt file?


Hello! I've researched this one and some of my friends suggested this too. Hope this would help! 😉

You can presume your CD drive D and do the following:

  • Put your XP disk in the drive.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Boot off the CD
  • Type R to go to the Recovery Console.
  • It may drop you to a C: prompt right away, it may ask you to log in to a Windows install.
  • If it's there, choose "D:MiniNT"
  • At this point you'll get a prompt
  • Type in chkdsk C: /r <enter>
  • It shouldn't ask for the autochk if you logged into the right Windows.
  • If it does ask for the location type in D:i386 <enter>

Go find something to do for two hours.

When it's done it will tell you that it found and fixed one or more errors on the volume.

Type in exit <enter>

Reboot normally. If it still fails, repeat the steps.


  • Make sure you are virus free. You might want to run thorough virus scan as well as run HijackThis and post a log in the malware forum for review
  • Do you have the install CDs? You might also try a Windows repair install if your windows installation is corrupt this may fix the problem. (but be sure to do a full backup first just in case of issues)


If you don't already have one, is to get yourself a boot floppy. If you don't have one you can use any Windows machine, go to this site:

and run the file for making the proper boot disk. You will need a blank floppy. 

Then when you boot from it first run scandisk and make a full scan to correct any file system errors. If you can find the file to install, I haven't seen a download for it yet, you can put it on the floppy and copy it to the C:windowssystem folder.

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