How can I enable the java in Internet Explorer

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Before I am using safari but I'm not enjoy using it, I much love the internet explorer but I encountered a problem with regards to JAVA. I installed the java to my pc and updated it in every versions every time java updating, but lately I have problem with it, I really don't know why exactly I cannot enable it.

I looked at tools advanced tab and no java seems to be written there. So the problem is, how can I enable the java. In the safari i don't have problem because it enables itself. For the Internet Explorer I got the newest version 6 update 11.

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How can I enable the java in Internet Explorer



How’s going my friend. Well the problem you seem to be facing actually not a problem at all. It’s really a simple task. Most of the Browsers these days have Java enabled in their options. But sometimes it so happens that Internet Explorer faces problem in enabling Java automatically. So you have to enable it manually. Here I’m giving out the way how to enable java or JavaScript in your internet explorer.

First of all what is Java.

Java is a software that helps computers to develop or modernize application software’s. It makes your online experience much better by giving the option to play online games, chat, view high resolution pics. And lots of other important activities.

In simple world it makes your internet usage much better.

How to enable JAVA in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the Tools Menu from the top of your internet explorer option tab.
  • Then click on the Tool Menu > From the menu click on the Internet Options.
  • Then Press the Security Tab.
  • Select the Custom Level for more options.
  • Now there you will find a option saying “Active Scripting” Which is a java enabling permission.
  • Click on the enable.
  • Then press the OK button.
  • A warning message will appear in front of you.
  • Press the “Yes” button.
  • The Java will be enabled.
  • Restart it.

Visit for Tutorial

How to enable Java in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to the Tools Menu from the top of the Mozilla Firefox option tab.
  • Now click options form the tool menu.
  • From the Content Tab of Mozilla Firefox select Enable JavaScript.
  • Check the box.
  • Now click ok. To close the Tools option.
  • The Java will be enabled.
  • Restart it.

How to enable Java in Opera Browser:

  • Go to the Tools Menu from the top of the Opera option tab.
  • Go to Settings > then go to Preferences.
  • A preference option box will appear.
  • Now select the Advance Tab.
  • From there go to Content Tab.
  • Click or select the Enable JavaScript check box.
  • Press Ok.
  • The Java will be enabled.
  • Restart it.

Try to enjoy Java. Thanks.

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How can I enable the java in Internet Explorer


It is a simple task and requires no such complicated tasks, you have to do just these steps and then it will work fine:

Go to your CONTROL Panel here if you have installed the java then you will see a COFFEE CUP LOGO.

Now open the JAVA CONTROL PANEL and select the ADVANCE tab.

Click on + icon near to DEFAULT JAVA FOR BROWSER.

Check that the box of IE is checked and this is used to enable JAVA in your IE must see that it for both of your browsers for which you want to enable then just check it box and you will be done.

Now click on APPLY to apply the settings.

That's it. Hope you like it.

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