How can I download more BFD2 kits?

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Hello, I need help on downloading BFD2 kit so I can create a drum track and move it to Cubabase. I was able to download a solo kick drum but all the other kits didn’t install successfully. Can someone give any help on this?

I need a wide selection of drum kits so I can make a good drum track but I have no idea why I am unable to download the other kits.

I would be grateful to get any assistance on this. Thanks!


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How can I download more BFD2 kits?


Is your problem downloading the BFD2 kit or installing it successfully on your computer? If you cannot find a place to download it, then I will recommend for you the following site:

From this site, you will download, the BFD2 expansion kit that has following kit-pieces, all played with sticks, mallets, brushes and rods.

  • Custom XDrum 18×22 inch kick
  • Custom XDrum 8×8 inch tom
  • Custom XDrum 8×10 inch tom
  • Custom XDrum 8×12 inch tom
  • Custom XDrum 14×14 inch tom

I am hoping that those are the kits that you need. One thing that the BDF2 has as an advantage also is that its kick drum can be hit with both a wood and a felt beater.

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