How can I display a string using c++?

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Hi Experts,

I am newbie in learning c++ programming language. Can you give me some example of c++ program that display string?


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How can I display a string using c++?

Suppose you want to open a text file through the C++, then you need to use bellows script or source :
{     std::wfstream myfile("C:\Users\nirob\Documents\mytext.txt");     
{std::cout <<"error"<<std::endl;    
{         std::cout <<"opened"<<std::endl;     
}     std::wstring mystring;     myfile >>mystring; 
    std::wcout <<mystring <<std::endl;     system("PAUSE"); 
There I tried to open a text document which directory is ("C:\Users\nirob\Documents\mytext.txt” , So at first you should keep your text file in a folder then just put the directory in your C++ source or script. Then use above code for call any text file in your script.  That’s a easy process to open any text file by that C++ source.
Suppose  you want to open a variable string in C++, then you should create your own source 
by the help of  bellows source or code :
string vers ="v. ";
 vers +=maj_vers;// + 50;  vers +=".";  
vers +=min_vers;// + 50;  vers +=".";  
vers +=patch_vers;// + 50; 
constchar*pvers =vers.c_str();  
mvaddstr(7,19,pvers);  refresh();
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How can I display a string using c++?


Hello Mia Walker,

As you said you are newbie so 1st you should have to learn about strings.

String is character arrays. like "char arr[50];" is a string. To display it we have a different method.

1st method:

use for loop:

for(int i=0;i<50;i++)




this is a lengthy method.

2nd method:

use string.h library,

and just write string name in


this will also print the same thing.

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