How can I copy a 6GB file to my external hard drive?

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I have a FAT32 external hard drive with me.

I am trying to copy a file into it, but I realized that it won't allow me to do it, if the file is 4 GB or so.

I need to copy two image files with a total of 6 GB, but the external hard disk is showing an error while I am trying to transfer it. It says:

The file is too large for the destination file system.

I think that I need a file splitter, but my question is what will happen if I split the files, to make the size lower than the original size? And if I split my files, can I rebuild it back, to make it just a single file again? How can I reformat the external hard drive again, to NTFS? I am using a Verbatim USB Portable Hard Drive, with 250 GB spaces on it and I will run it on my Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2.

I need help also on how to convert my external hard drive from FAT to NTFS without losing any data. And if this won't work, what file splitter can I use to fix the error?

I need some advice. Please send me detailed instructions.


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How can I copy a 6GB file to my external hard drive?



The solution is very simple If your hard drive is formatted as FAT32 then convert the Fat32 to the NTSC. Now the question is how to change the partition? The solution is here:

  • First of all right click on My Computer.
  • Then select the properties of a computer.
  • And check out the format of the hard drive partition.
  • Then download the partition magic software and install it.
  • After installing the software then click on the convert button and convert the drive form Fat32 to NTSC.

These steps can solve the problem.

Because FAT32 allows moving the data only 4 gigas but the NTSC allows you to move the larger amount of data from one drive to another drive.

  • The other solution is to format the external drive NTFS. Then convert the drive into the NTFS. The best way to convert the drive to NTFS is, download the partition magic because FAT32 does not allow moving data larger than 4 gigas.
  • Or the other way is to, compress your data, then move from one drive to another drive.

But partition change is the best way.

Try this it will help you.

Thank you.

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How can I copy a 6GB file to my external hard drive?



It is the limitation of FAT32 file system. It is limited to file size up to 3.99GB only. To copy larger files into a drive, you need to format it using NTFS file system.

To format it into NTFS, you have to right click on the drive in my computer and select format. Then select NTFS in the file system menu in the format drive options.

If you want to split the file, you may use the file splitting option of 7zip archiver. Or you can use FFSJ file splitter. If you use 7zip, you will again need 7zip’s, combine file option to join the files. If you use FFSJ, you will need FFSJ again to join the files.

7zip can be download from 7zip.

FFSJ can be downloaded from FFSJ.

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How can I copy a 6GB file to my external hard drive?


Maddison, FAT drives have a maximum file size limit of 4.0 GB. Now, you have two options, you can just split the file or reformat your external hard drive to NTFS. You can also opt to do both.

If you wish to just split the file, there are many program for it, that are readily available in numerous websites.

You can try this link. If this program does not work for you, try checking other websites.

If you decide to convert to NTFS, you can simply go to My Computer (or just Computer for Windows 7).

Right-click on your hard drive and then select Format. Choose NTFS for File System and then start reformat.

If this does not work, Click on the Start button, then choose Accessories on your Program List. Right-click on Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator. Type "convert" then insert the drive letter of your external drive then " : /fs:ntfs" in the Command Prompt window.

Press Enter.

Then type the name of your external drive if asked.


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How can I copy a 6GB file to my external hard drive?


You all are geniuses! I successfully format it into NTFS. Thank you very much! Techyv is really a great site.

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