How can download from rapid share?

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I am using windows XP professional. I have a broadband connection in my house. Random I download software and movie. I can download all movie or software from the internet.

I use Mozilla Firefox to browse internet. The software and others I download easily from internet by Mozilla and sometimes I use Internet download manager. 

But from rapid share I can’t download anything by internet download manager, 

How can I download from rapid share by a download manager?

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How can download from rapid share?


Internet Download Manager: Downloading options

Before you begin downloading with Internet Download Manager or the IDM, be sure that the internet browser you are using during download are included on the “Capture download” options of the IDM.

Here’s how to check or set the list of internet browsers that Internet Download Manager will listen to download files:

  1. Open your Internet Download Manager
  2. Click the Options button on the toolbar
  3. Internet Download Manager Configuration appears
  4. Select or click the General Tab if not your current focus
  5. On the “Capture downloads for the following browsers” frame scroll down the list to find for your Internet Browser on the list and mark/check the check box on the left side.
  6. You can select multiple browsers so that whatever browser you will be using, the download manager will listen to your download request.
  7. Click Ok if you have already finished.

Now, you may begin downloading but before that, let’s well have some little info on several ways to staring downloads with Internet Download Manager.

 Internet Download Manager Works in several ways. You may refer to internet download manager’s help for detailed information.

  1. Internet Download Manager works when you click links or download links from your internet browser. The action taken depends on your Internet Download Manager Settings. If your browser is not included on the monitoring list. Internet Download Manager will not start to download. Also search for the link if the link you have clicked matches the extension set on your download manager settings. Just click start download to begin downloading.
  2. Copied URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or download link from your internet browser. The Inter Download manager will automatically detects of your copied URL or download link matches the extension of files on IDM settings. Internet Download Manager will show you a pop-up dialog box prompting you to begin downloading. Just click Ok to begin downloading.
  3. Internet Browser Context Menu. Right Click on the download link or on the link then you will see the “Download with IDM” on the pop-up menu. Just select the “Download with IDM” menu then you will be prompted by a dialog box where you are given the option where to save, begin, or cancel the download.
  4. Download by Adding a download link on the Add URL on the Internet Download Manager's toolbar. Open your download manager, click the Add URL button then on the dialog box, paste the URL or the link you want to download then click Ok. Just follow the prompt and begin download by click the Start Download button.
  5. Internet Download Manager also supports Drag and Drop links from your Internet Browser. First, Internet Download Manager Windows must be in the background then go to your Internet browser then click and hold the left mouse button on the link then drag it to your Internet Download Managers Window to begin downloading.
  6. Download using command prompt. This option was not recommended to all Downloader, unless you are downloading with the use a program or batch file in a bulk download links. Please refer to Internet Download Manager’s help so that you will know the parameters for this download manager’s option.

Previous versions of IDM don’t support downloading from Rapid Share Free User account as well as on File Sonic. In IDM 6.06 downloading support issue on the said file hosting sites has been resolved. If your copy was not the 6.06 version, you need to upgrade your IDM to 6.06.

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How can download from rapid share?


Hello Kathey,

Make sure you have a premium account in rapid share to be able to download it without any limitations. Because if it's only a Free account downloads has several restrictions. Like you can download unlimited files but you are placed in a waiting time.

That's the reason why you can't download it simultaneously with a download manager.

How about waiting for 30 minutes or an hour or so ,then try downloading it again.

Thanks for Reading,


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