How can computer hardware be damaged?

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I have a HP Pavilion Laptop.  We took it to a repair man and when he returned it, the computer turned on for a few sessions but now doesn't turn on.  It makes the video error BIOS – one long beep and two short beeps. Sometimes it turns on and sometimes it doesn't.

I was wondering if it's a problem with the hardware or not? And if it is, could the hardware be damaged by the repair man playing with the software of the computer or the actual physical pieces (he also removed and re-attached the keyboard).


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How can computer hardware be damaged?


Hi ,

Yes, the computer hardware may be damaged .The first thing when you have a problem with your laptop, is you have to give it to an authorized service center. As you gave the laptop to the servicing man and not the service center, you can suspect a bit about replacing of your original components with the duplicate ones .

The clear indication is that he has performed some physical operation to your Keyboard as you said, it is removed and is placed back. In the process of performing such physical operation he might have completed the process in the incorrect way so that the hardware components do not function properly and you will be facing some serious issues with your laptop like performing of some sounds from the system .

As you clearly stated about the video BIOS error, it means you have a problem with your hardware not at all related to software.  Once try to check your BIOS settings. If you are good enough at performing your own hardware operation, you can go ahead and check it but it is very safe to give it to the authorized service center.

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How can computer hardware be damaged?



Yes, It can be damaging your computer hardware first, if you forcefully shut down your computer.

After you shut down your computer your decide to open again, the hard disk will spin again because if the unit is shut down in 5 seconds, the disk inside of the hard disk spins.

So wait for 5 minutes to open it again to avoid error or problem to the hard disk.

The 2nd was the viruses inside the unit. It can spread out to the system, that affect your files or data or may delete files and cause other problems in the computer.

Just simply protect your system from any viruses.

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